When you go on a vacation, you will probably have someone looking after your pets, watering your plants, or getting your mail. People usually don't ask their friends to look after their car, but it's very important! If you go on a vacation that lasts a few weeks or even months, you will need to have somebody looking after your car so it will be in the same good condition as when you left it.


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Before you leave, there are things you can do if you are planning on storing your car for a long period of time. Leaving your car for weeks can be hard on it, so it's best to put in the time before you leave to ensure it will last. While you are gone, you should ask a friend to periodically check on your car. Then, when you return, it will be the same way you left it!

What to do Before Your Trip

  • Find a Good Place to Store Your Car
    When you store your car for a long period of time, you want to make sure it is in a safe, dry area. That's why it's best to keep in somewhere indoors, like a garage. This will protect your car from all kinds of weather. You don't want to keep it outside and risk it being damaged from snow, wind, rain, or heat. If indoors isn't an option for you, we would recommend at least making sure it is covered. That way it will at least protect your paint job from dirt or other objects that might damage it.
  • Fill up Your Gas Tank
    Most people wouldn't think to fill their gas tank if they aren't planning on driving it for a while but it is good for your car. Depending on how long you are gone, you could even get a fuel stabilizer! Those are typically for cars that are left alone for over a month. Making sure your gas tank is full will keep out extra moisture and prevent damage.
  • Clean Your Car
    You will want to wash the exterior and interior of your car before you leave. Make sure you remove any dirt or bird poop on the outside of your car because leaving spots can damage your paint job over time. As for the inside of your car, remove any trash and make sure it's clean and dry. If you leave any moisture inside your car, mold could start to grow!
  • Check Your Oil
    Even if you aren't due for an oil change, it's best to make sure everything is in the best condition before you leave. If you happen to leave dirty oil in your car over a long period of time, it could cause a lot of damage to your engine. You can easily book an oil change appointment with us! At Wrench, we provide convenient auto maintenance services so you can pack for your trip while we get your car in shape.
  • Don't Use Your Parking Brake
    It's important that you don't leave your parking break on if your car is going to be sitting for a long period of time because it can get frozen or jammed. This is even more important if it's winter because it's very easy for the parking break to get frozen. And if you leave, it will stay stuck for so long and by the time you get back, you'll be calling all the repair shops in town.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure
    Lastly, before you leave for your trip, you should check your tire pressure! If your tire pressure is too low, you can get flat spots in your tires. This ruins your tires, so when you get back you will have to buy new ones. Save yourself time, money, and stress by checking them before you leave!

What Your Car Sitter Should Do

  • Have Them Check The Area
    Every once and a while, your car sitter should check your car to make sure its okay. If you have it inside, you probably won't have to worry about it getting broken into. If you have it covered up somewhere outside, check that it's still locked and make sure it's fully covered. Sometimes the cover can shift, so to get the best use out of the cover, make sure it's on properly.
  • Have Your Car Sitter Drive Your Car
    If you are gone for a really long time, make sure you find a car sitter that you trust to drive your car around. Having your car sitter drive your car every two weeks for about fifteen minutes will keep the battery charged. However, short drives will drain your battery even more, so the longer the drive the better!
  • Have Them Ensure Everything is Off
    If you have your car sitter drive your car, ask them to leave it the same way it was before. If it was inside, park it inside. If it was covered outside, have them put the cover back on. Ask them to double check all the lights are off and your car is locked. The last thing you want is to drain your battery because you or your car sitter accidentally left the lights on.

Having someone look after your car is just as important as someone looking after your pet. Cars are really expensive so you want to be sure you are constantly taking good care of yours, even if you are leaving for a trip. If you find yourself needing maintenance services before or after your trip, book an appointment with Wrench! We bring our convenient services to your doorstep! Simply log onto our website and request an appointment. We will get your car ready for whatever you need.


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