Your car's air conditioning system is a crucial part of your car. While it isn't necessary to operate your car, it can be a lifesaver on those hot summer days. There is nothing more frustrating than hopping in your boiling car on a 90-degree day and turning on your AC for it to not even work. Then you will need to resort to rolling down your windows to cool off, which can cause a variety of other discomforts.


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If you are having problems with your car's AC system, it might need to be recharged. Of course, there are a variety of things that can go wrong with your AC. But Wrench is here to take care of it all. Whether you need an AC Evacuate and Recharge, AC Compressor Replacement, AC Condenser Replacement, or AC Line and Hose Replacement, we have got you covered. To learn more about your car's AC system and how to tell if you might need an AC recharge service, keep reading!

The Role Of AC In Your Car

Many car owners don't know how the AC system works. The air conditioning system simply takes the warm air and uses pressure changes to cool it down and return it to the cabin of your car. When you turn on the AC, the compressor compresses the refrigerant which raises its temperature. Then it goes through the condenser and loses heat. After that, the contaminants and moisture gets removed from the receiver. When the refrigerant gets to the accumulator, it gets slowed down which causes it to lose pressure. Finally, the refrigerant reaches the evaporator where it continues to cool down until the motor blows air over the cold evaporator and into the cabin in your car.

What Does It Mean To Have Your AC Recharged?

An AC Evacuate and Recharge service occurs when a mechanic replaces the refrigerant in your car. However, this isn't a service that you need annually. Some vehicles don't need to get their AC recharged in their whole lifespan. Since the AC system is a closed system, you won't need to worry about it unless it is having issues functioning properly. Most of the time, a refrigerant leak is the cause of any AC issues.

An AC Evacuate and Recharge service is complicated and should be left to a professional that has been trained in auto repair. There are various things that your mechanic will know such as how to identify refrigerant leaks or how much refrigerant to put in during the service. If you attempt to perform this service at home, you might miss a crucial piece of information, sending you to an automotive expert anyways.

Signs Your AC Needs To Be Recharged

If your AC system is working like usual, there isn't a need to get it checked by a mobile mechanic. However, if your AC isn't blowing cold air or has other issues, those are pretty good indicators that you need a mobile mechanic to inspect your AC system.

Here are some common signs that you need to recharge your AC system:

  • Your Car Doesn't Blow Cold Air
    This is the most common and obvious sign that there is something wrong with your AC system. If your AC isn't blowing cold air and only blows warm or hot air, that is a problem. You might have a refrigerant leak or another issue and it won't get resolved if you ignore it. You will need to book an appointment with a qualified as soon as you can.
  • Air Doesn't Get Cool Enough
    Similarly to the previous sign if your AC doesn't cool down your car enough, even if it is on full blast, that could be a good sign that there is an underlying problem. Get this checked out by a professional and your AC will be working again in no time.
  • Visible Signs Of Refrigerant Leaks
    Another obvious sign that you need an AC Evacuate and Recharge is leaking refrigerant. You should never find your refrigerant leaking, and if it is, you will need to repair the leak and change your refrigerant. There are many reasons why your refrigerant might be leaking such as corrosion, factory defects, wear and tear, vibrations, or improper installation. No matter what caused the leak, your AC won't be working properly until you visit a professional.

Mobile AC Evacuate And Recharge Services

If you are looking for an AC Evacuate and Recharge service, or any other AC repair service, book an appointment with Wrench's mobile mechanics. With our convenient services, you will be able to get your car back on the road with as little effort as possible. Our mobile mechanics will come to your location and service your car on-site. All while you spend your time relaxing in the comfort of your own home, working on a big project in your office, or walking around your local park!

We have over a hundred automotive technicians all over the country. From Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida, you can receive the most convenient auto repair and maintenance service available. Want to see if Wrench offers services in your area, click here!

How To Book An AC Evacuate And Recharge Appointment With Wrench

Once you have decided you need to book an appointment for an AC Evacuate and Recharge appointment, book your appointment with Wrench's ASE-certified mobile mechanics! We will bring our services right to your preferred location whether that be your home, office, or even the local state park.

To book your appointment with us, just go to the homepage of our website by clicking the "Get A Free Quote" button at the top or bottom of this screen. You can also use our mobile app to book an appointment or even reach out via phone call or email. No matter how you choose to book your AC Evacuate and Recharge appointment, we will need to ask you a couple of questions about your car and its needs. This information will help us better prepare for your appointment so we can get you back on the road in the most efficient way possible.

The first thing we will need to know is what kind of car you have. You will need to fill out a short form that will provide us with information such as the VIN, license plate number, color, year, make, and model of your car. We will try to match you up with a mobile mechanic that has experience with your kind of car, especially if it is an exotic or classic vehicle.

Then we will need to know what service your car will need. Since you know you are having issues with your AC system, you can request an AC Evacuation and Recharge service or any other service you need. We offer hundreds of auto repair and maintenance services at your convenience, just let us know how we can help you!

After we gather all the information we need, we will calculate an auto repair quote so you can look it over before you commit to anything. Our quote will include both a time and cost estimate so you can schedule your appointment on a date, time, and location that works best for you. By scheduling your appointment, you will be accepting our quote, but you won't need to worry about any hidden fees. What you see as your quote will be what you end up paying.

Then we will send you a confirmation message and our mobile mechanic will arrive shortly at your preferred location. All you will need to do from that point on is sit back and enjoy your AC Evacuate and Recharge appointment with Wrench! We are excited to service your car soon!


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