Hello Indianapolis! With the quick expansion of Wrench, we like to take the time to highlight our new markets, and this week, that is Indianapolis, Indiana! We are excited to now offer our mobile technicians and services to everyone within the Indianapolis area. Below, you will find some basic information on Wrench, what we do, and how to make your life easier by making car maintenance and repairs uncomplicated. Wrench is delighted to now be a part of the Indianapolis area and even more ecstatic to tell you about the services you now have access to wherever works for you!


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What is Wrench?

Wrench was founded in 2016 to make servicing cars easier for their owners. Wrench has caught the car repair industry up with everything else that seemed years ahead, advanced technology and highly proficient mobile auto mechanics. Wrench provides a fully mobile auto technician service to make general maintenance or repairs on your car hassle-free. Using an online scheduling service, Wrench provides a schedule that adjusts to yours, wherever is convenient for you. With hundreds of ASE-certified auto technicians, Wrench can provide a service like no other. By eliminating the shop, Wrench can make car servicing seamless within everyday life, reducing the stress and chore of getting work on your vehicle done.

What Does Wrench Do?

Wrench provides a fully mobile auto mechanic service. We pride ourselves on competitive, affordable, and transparent pricing that is viewable throughout the entire booking process. Once booked, our highly trained technicians will meet your car at the date, time, and location of your choice and complete the service within a timely manner. Wrench's whole goal is to make your life simpler when it comes to vehicles and maintenance, and we are proud to be able to guarantee that promise!

What Services does Wrench Provide?

Wrench is excited to offer anyone within the Indianapolis, Indiana area full access to our services. We provide hundreds of services across the country to our customers. As a result, we have become the favored mobile car servicing provider for thousands of people across the nation. All of the services we provide are difficult to arrange in just a brief list because of the magnitude of our services. Some of the more common services we provide include diagnostic services, oil and filter changes, battery replacements, and brake pad replacements. The majority of the time when you book even just a diagnostic service, our mobile technicians will be able to diagnose and fix the problem within one appointment. This is usually, but not always possible, depending on whether the parts necessary for the repair need to be ordered. Our technicians won't be able to do a few services because of the in-depth nature, but we will guide you to a shop that we have vetted and highly recommend!

Where does Wrench Provide Service in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Wrench provides service almost anywhere within the city. All that we ask is that you make sure to pick a flat and safe spot to guarantee the service will be completed in a timely and secure manner. Beyond this, whether you prefer to have work done at your house so you can binge-watch the new hit series or when you are at work to ensure a seamless day, Wrench has you covered. Some places within Indianapolis that Wrench provides service includes:

  • The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Eiteljorg Museum
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Conner Prairie
  • White River State Park
  • Monument Circle
  • NCAA Hall of Champions
  • Monon Trail
  • Indiana Medical History Museum
  • Garfield Park
  • Rhythm! Discovery Center
  • Virginia B. Fairbanks Arts and Nature Park
  • And more!

The places that Wrench can service your car are not limited to public museums or parks; instead, it is anywhere that provides a safe and flat area for our mobile technicians to complete the job. Even movie theaters or restaurants offer the perfect place for our auto technicians to service your car. Making your life easier through mobile car maintenance and repair is our goal!

How to Make an Appointment

Making an appointment at Wrench is easier than ever. With our advanced booking system, we can make it easier to book, in addition to helping you understand what you need to be done. We provide an honest estimate with a total cost breakdown for the services, parts, and labor you need for your appointment throughout this process. We do not charge any amount until the service is complete to ensure the problem is diagnosed and that the service is satisfactory. Once you have entered the booking process, you will be asked to enter the VIN of your vehicle, or you can manually enter the year, make, and model of your car. Next, you will be brought to a screen that asks what services you need to be completed, whether that's a brake pad replacement or a diagnostic service. There are also prompts of problems within this screen that can help you and the Wrench technicians figure out what work you need done. After choosing your service, you will pick a date, time, and location for the appointment. It is essential to remember that Wrench offers services almost anywhere within Indianapolis, Indiana, as long as it is a flat and safe location. Now, all you have to do is input some personal information and confirm the appointment, and you are all set. Once your Wrench appointment has been booked, all you have to do is relax.

Wrench is proud to be introducing new markets at an exceptional speed. Even with this expansion, we still maintain our high standards for customer service and quality affordable repairs. It has never been easier to get your car serviced, wherever you are, with whatever you are doing. Our goal is to reduce car maintenance and repair stress and make your busy life that much easier. To get started today, click the button at the top or bottom of this page to begin booking your appointment with Wrench.


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