No matter where you are in life, it's always good to look back at where you started to see how much you have grown. As for us, it all started with our three founders; Ed Peterson, Casey Willis, and Doug Stevens. Together they decided to use technology to bring transparency and convenience to the auto repair industry, two things that had been severely lacking in the past. In the traditional auto repair world, you might need to get your car towed to the shop and then have to find a ride home. This whole process wasted so much time and money. Customers saw auto repair services as a burden, and our founders wanted to change that.


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Founder, Ed Peterson, In Our Old Seattle Office.

To name their company, they wanted an easy-to-remember title that was still relevant to the industry. In coming up with possible names, they discussed language that many technicians use. When a technician says they are going to work or going to work on a vehicle, they say they are going "wrenching." Thus the company name, Wrench, was born.

As this desire for convenience began to increase, we saw things like Uber, DoorDash, Netflix, and other forms of on-demand services pop up all over the place. Then Wrench began. Now you can get auto repair and maintenance services from the click of a button. We stocked up some vans with all of the tools needed in order to perform these services and hired passionate, skilled technicians. Not only can you schedule these services with the click of a button, but you can even get help the same day!

Company Highlights

Through the years, Wrench has grown significantly. Our first highlight was our very first customer, a Tour Bus! The LA native band, The Shelters, found themselves in a difficult situation and decided to give Wrench a try. Our technician came out and worked on their tour bus so they could get back to their travel schedule. For us, they were a great first customer because they really valued everything we had to offer, especially the convenience factor. Plus, who else can say they serviced a rock band's tour bus as their first customer?

The next significant highlight was when we launched our second market in Phoenix, Arizona. Our customers were very pleased with our services and made our launch very successful. This showed us that the desire for reliable and convenient services in the auto repair industry is high, not just in the Seattle area, but all over the country. We took this launch and let it fuel us into expanding into more and more cities all over the country!

With expansion in various cities, our Wrench family had to grow as well. When we started, we just had the three founders. But slowly and surely we kept adding to our family. Now we have 170 employees, in which 100 of those are technicians. Each employee we add to our family is passionate about the work we do. Whether they are out servicing cars, working in customer service, or improving and developing our app, everyone works together to improve the customer experience. It takes a very diverse group of people that come from different walks of life and have all kinds of skills to make Wrench successful.

What's Next?

Our family grows so fast that we find ourselves running out of room in our headquarters. So this upcoming March 2nd, we are moving headquarters to a new location. We will still be in Seattle, but we needed to find a bigger space to accommodate our growth! We will be taking over the old Uber office in Seattle. It is much bigger and nicer than the space we had before. The address for our new office is 1411 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 on the 11th floor. We are very excited to move into this space, not only because it's bigger, but it has a full cafeteria and community room. Inside the community room is a dart board, our favorite way to take a quick break while keeping our brain focused!

Our New Office Space, Plenty Of Desks!

In the near future, we hope to keep this momentum going but continuing to grow our family. We want to provide the highest quality services with the most inconvenience possible because, eventually, we will be able to reinvent the auto repair industry. The world is our oyster and we will continue to provide the services that our customers love to as many people as we can. We can't wait to service your car soon!


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