Getting your oil changed is one of the most important services when it comes to car maintenance. The oil keeps the engine running smoothly by collecting heat, carbon, and any debris that may build up in the engine. Failing to get your oil changed regularly can cause extreme engine damage and could be very expensive down the road. However, many people are not driving as much as they used to due to the pandemic and it can be easy to brush off car maintenance if your car is not getting used as often. If you are wondering if you still need to get your car serviced as often as you would normally have to, you have come to the right place. Wrench has everything you need to know about car maintenance during COVID-19. The short answer is: it depends. It depends on how much you are driving and what shape your car is currently in. If your car is really just sitting in the garage, there are certain things you can do to keep your car running smoothly. For more information on how to take care of your car during COVID-19, click here. If you notice any issues, either as a result of your car not getting driven as much or in general, schedule an appointment with Wrench today. The same goes for oil changes, but we will provide you with more information that can help you determine whether your car is in need of a change.


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How often should I get my oil changed?

This depends on the make and model of your vehicle, so check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how often this should occur. It is important to follow the timeline in the owner’s manual; this is not a ploy to get you to change your oil more often than necessary. The manufacturer has recommended a length of time that is specific to your vehicle, and it is in your best interest to trust that they know what is best. Typically, you should change the oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but this varies depending on the car and the type of oil used. Most likely, you have driven less this year than ever before, so it may feel like you are waiting longer to get your oil changed. While this is most likely fine, it is still important to keep an eye out for any issues. You also do not want to forget to change your oil or push it off because it has been a while since the previous one. Schedule an appointment with Wrench today if you are reaching the window of time in which the oil should be changed. With Wrench, you can get a full-service oil and filter change without having to leave the comfort of your home. As we approach the winter months, the last thing you want is to have an engine issue and have to wait outside in the cold for help to come. Schedule an oil change with Wrench today to avoid any issues in the future.

How do I know it is time to get my oil changed?

There are a few telltale signs that your car’s oil should be changed. If you are unsure how long it has been since your last oil change and are comfortable checking the oil yourself, inspecting the level and color of the oil can help determine if it is time for an oil change. There should be instructions in the owner’s manual about the optimal oil level, and following the instructions will allow you to check if the oil is running low. You will also want to inspect the color and condition of the oil; clean oil is an amber color but it can darken or thicken due to debris, which is a clear sign that it is time for new oil. It is a good idea to check the condition of the oil on a monthly basis, even if the car is not getting a lot of use. This will give you peace of mind or could alert you to a leak or some other issue under the hood if the oil level/quality is changing quickly without a lot of use.

Why should I use Wrench to get my oil changed?

Wrench is the perfect option for car repair during COVID-19. Because you do not have to worry about taking your car to the shop and waiting around for it to be repaired, you can confidently follow social distancing guidelines by staying inside while a Wrench mobile mechanic works on your car in the driveway. All of our mechanics follow CDC guidelines and are taking special precautions to make sure that they are staying protected while ensuring that all Wrench customers are safe as well. Car maintenance should not suffer because of the pandemic, which is why safety is at the core of Wrench’s values. We care about the safety of you and your car and this is not sacrificed as a result of the pandemic. For more information on how Wrench is committed to keeping our community safe, click here.

We hope you have a better idea of whether your car is due for an oil change. When in doubt, check the owner’s manual or contact one of our customer service representatives at or 844-997-3624, who can help you determine what is best for your car. By scheduling an appointment with Wrench, you become a part of the family and families look out for one another. So what are you waiting for? Book an oil change with Wrench today.


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