The holiday season is upon us and you may be getting ready to head out on a family vacation! Whether you are driving a short way to grandma’s house, heading up to the ski mountain, or packing up and driving across the country, it is important to be prepared.

Wrench is back with this year’s tips and tricks to get you ready for your next adventure. This year looks a little different than the past, and it could be a great time to invest in an RV and see the world! If you have made this exciting decision, Wrench is happy to announce that we recently acquired LemonSquad, a nationwide used car inspection company dedicated to making sure that you get the best deal on your new used vehicle. LemonSquad also does thorough RV inspections, so if you are in the market for an RV, this is your sign to go through with it!

Schedule an inspection with LemonSquad if you have found an RV you like, and then our Wrench mobile mechanics can help you with any other servicing you might need. Your RV (or car) will be ready for the road trip in no time! Besides getting your car inspected or serviced, there are lots of other great things you can do to get your car road-trip-ready, so stick around for our Wrench tips and tricks!


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1. Stay up-to-date on your car’s maintenance schedule

In every car manual, there is a detailed schedule of when your car should be serviced, whether it be for an oil change, brake check, or tune-up. Because this schedule is made by the manufacturer, they are not trying to trick you into anything.

Following the schedule will ensure that you do not end up with bigger issues down the road that could be much more costly. If you think that it may be time for your car to be serviced, schedule an appointment with Wrench today! Even if you think everything is working properly, it is still a good idea to have a mechanic take a look at your car’s tires, brakes, fluid levels, and anything else that could cause issues when driving for an extended period of time.

2. Do your own inspection

There are things you can do yourself to make sure that your car is good to go. Top off all of your car’s fluids, check the tire pressure, and test the heating system - the last thing you want is a malfunctioning heater in the dead of winter!

If you are planning a ski trip, you may also consider equipping your car with winter tires. Learn more tips on how to prepare for your upcoming ski trip.

3. Keep it clean!

Your car should be deep cleaned before you head out on a road trip and should stay relatively clean throughout the trip. A clean car will help you avoid built-up clutter and keep stress levels low.

Additionally, you do not want to have any unnecessary items in your car because not only will they take up space, but heavy items could actually negatively impact fuel efficiency. Any time you stop at a gas station, gather up the receipts, chip bags, and any unwanted trash so that it does not slowly drive you insane.

4. Get your wipers replaced

If you are embarking on a road trip during the winter months, you want your car to be prepared for anything. Driving with old wipers can significantly impact visibility if you find yourself in a rain or snowstorm.

Windshield wipers are easy to replace yourself, or a Wrench mechanic would be happy to help you out. While you are at it, top off the wiper fluid so that you are able to keep your windshield clean when driving through unusual weather conditions.

5. Know where you are going

It is extremely important that you have a plan (and a back-up plan!) whenever you are embarking on a road trip, especially during the winter months. Modern technology makes it easy to pull up the route on your smartphone, but it can still be a good idea to print directions or at least make sure you have the route downloaded onto your phone in case you lose service.

Furthermore, research the route you will be taking. Plan for gas stops, and if the map recommends you take the backroads for the majority of the time but you have kids who get motion sickness, you might want to consider an alternate route. The same is true for road conditions; if it looks like you might be taking the backroads in the middle of December, you might need to put chains on your car.

Make sure you are equipped with all of the necessary equipment so you do not find yourself stuck on the side of the road. In the unfortunate case that something like this does happen, call roadside assistance or Wrench, both of which can get you back on the road in no time.

We hope that you feel better prepared to embark on the road trip of a lifetime! There is no better time to hit the road and go skiing, explore a national park, or see family.

At Wrench, your safety is our top priority, which is why we want to ensure that you are prepared for anything. The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, and you should not have the added stress of an ill-equipped car in the middle of a festive adventure! As long as you follow these Wrench tips, and schedule an appointment with one of our mobile mechanics if your car is having any trouble, you should be good to go!

If you have any other questions about our services or using Wrench during a global pandemic, feel free to talk to our customer service team through email, at, or by phone, at 844-997-3624.


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