As we finish up the last bit of the winter weather, you should start thinking about how you can get ready for the spring. When it comes you your car, you should consider doing some deep cleaning and scheduling some maintenance services. The winter really takes a toll on your car, so even if you did a really good job of preparing it for the winter, it's always good to get it checked out after to keep it in good condition. Wrench can take care of your car for you!
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DIY: Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring cleaning can be easy if you break down your to-do list and complete them bit by bit until you have them all checked off. Luckily for you, when it comes to your car, we got you covered! Make sure you have all these items checked off your list and your car will be ready for the upcoming spring months!

Give The Exterior A Wash

Properly cleaning the outside of your car is very important, especially after the winter! In general, you should be washing your car fairly ofter, but we all know that's not very practical during the winter. If it's been a while since you took your car through the wash, it might be time! The dirt from the road can build up and lead to rust or corrosion. Not only will this make your car look like it's in a bad condition, but it could even start to affect how your car runs.

Simply take your car through a car wash, or spend a little bit of time outside rinsing away all the dirt and other debris that may have accumulated. Make sure to use soap can really scrub your tires. That's usually where stubborn dirt likes to live. When your car is all cleaned up, maybe even consider waxing it. This would protect your paint job and make it look even better!

Clean Out The Interior

We are all guilty of letting dirt and trash pile up inside our cars during the colder months, but eventually you will need to give it a deep clean. Make sure you take out all the trash, whether it be in the doors, cup holders, center console, back seat, etc. Then wipe down all of the surfaces with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. Be sure to go over the door handles, dashboard, and steering wheel.

If your car's floor mats look gross, take them out and clean those too. If the damage is way too far along, just throw them away and buy new ones. You should be replacing them every few years, so this is a perfect time to decide if you want to get new ones or not.

Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades

It may or may not be time to replace your windshield wiper blades! During the spring, there can be a few big rain showers, so you won't want to be caught without ones that work properly. If they make noises or leave streaks when you use them, it's time to replace them!

You can easily buy new wiper blades and put them on yourself. If you don't know how to do it or just want someone else to do it for you, ask our technicians. It's super simple and you'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to your windshield wiper blades.

Add Some Windshield Wiper Fluid

Going along with this theme of windshield wipers, you should top off you windshield wiper fluid while your at it. Whether you need a lot of fluid, or just a little, you want to make sure you have enough to last you the whole season. If you are a heavy windshield wiper fluid user, you may need to top it off more often.

Just like the wiper blades, you don't want to get caught on the highway without wiper fluid! If it becomes hard to see through your windshield while you are driving and you don't have a way to clean it, you could get yourself in a dangerous situation.

Get Your Oil Changed

Everyone knows they need to get their oil changed every so often, and if you are getting other maintenance services, you might as well get your oil changed too! The winter really takes a toll on your engine, so your car may need this oil change more than you think. If you get behind on your oil change schedule, you could damage your car! It's best to be ahead of schedule rather than behind, so make sure you get this checked off your list. And during the spring months, check your oil levels often and top it off whenever you can. It's best to change your oil completely but topping it off every once and a while will help too!

Check Your Tires

This is perhaps one of the most important items on our list. Your tires do a lot for your car, and the winter can be very hard on them. If you are in an area where you get a lot of snow and ice, odds are you have some snow tires on your car. As we move into spring, you should consider removing your snow tires! If you have all-season tires, then you will just need to check the tread to make sure they aren't too worn out. If they are, be sure to get them replaced as soon as you can. While you are looking at your tires, be sure to check out you tire pressure as well!


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