At Wrench, the employees provide a one-of-a-kind work environment. Even as the team is spread out across the country, there is still a connection between everyone as we work to achieve a collective vision. The importance of stress-free and accessible car care and maintenance brings together the different branches and companies within Wrench.

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Today, we want to take the time to acknowledge some of the teams that received internal shout-outs. It is essential for Wrench to recognize and praise the hard work of our teams across the board.

Happy group at baseball game
Part of the Wrench Team at the Mariner's Game 

Rei G.

Rei is part of the Customer Support Team at Wrench. She is known for her patience and helpful attitude. Rei's helpful and uplifting attitude makes her positive energy within the team, which hasn't gone unnoticed by her peers.

Zach Z.

Zach is a service advisor for Wrench. He was nominated by peers, even though he is a remote worker, which speaks volumes of his work quantity and quality.

"Zach is always spot-on with responses and quick to do some research on quotes. He remains professional and cordial, even with the work he endures daily. He is always willing to go above and beyond to get actual mechanic work secured for fleet jobs instead of just oil changes and diagnostics. Thank you for all that you do!"

Tom B.

Tom is a technician with Wrench, based in the Indianapolis area. Tom is known for his reliability, knowledge, and can-do attitude.


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Aliesha S.

Aliesha is a vital part of the SWIS team. She was nominated because of her strong work ethic and helpful attitude. Aliesha excels in helping her peers with computer problems and enjoys hiking and kayaking outside work.

Sam D.

Sam is a Service Advisor with Wrench. Sam is known for his timely responses and his drive for efficiency. He was nominated because he continuously puts in the extra effort to problem solve and support the team.

Trent B.

Trent is the Director of Business Operations with Wrench. Trent is always busy but never misses a chance to help anyone in need. He is known for his extreme knowledge of Wrench, his problem-solving abilities, and his Excel expertise.

Fun Fact about Trent: He has a theater degree (which has come in handy when the office needs someone for social media).


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LaShane W.

LaShane is a Reviewer for Lemon Squad. LaShane is known for a strong work ethic and exceptional customer service.

Bryan G.

Bryan is part of the customer service team with Lemon Squad. He is known for his exceptional customer service and always works with an outstanding air of professionalism.

Denise A.

Denise is a manager at Lemon Squad. Denise is known for her dedication, kind attitude, and patience. Denise works hard as a manager and often takes on responsibilities beyond her own to help the team.

Dawn D.

Dawn is a part of the Lemon Squad team and is often acknowledged for her hard-working nature and ability to multitask constantly. A good multitasker can enforce quality standards while still producing large quantities. Dawn maintains that standard in everything she does.
Her coworker that nominated her said:

"Dawn is extremely helpful, has taught me a lot, and is great to work with."

Stephanie J.

Stephanie also works on the Lemon Squad team. She is known for her can-do attitude and her sense of humor by her coworkers, with whom she works closely. As a result, she could transition smoothly to a new role without complaint.

Brett L.

Brett is the Lead Reviewer with Lemon Squad. Brett is detail oriented in all aspects of his job.

The coworker that nominated Brett said he was:

"A dedicated employee with an excellent eye for detail, maintains a high professionalism, is an excellent communicator, and provides outstanding mentorship."

Janet M.

Janet is an office manager at Southwest Inspection Services. Janet is known for her kind personality and excels at diffusing tense situations. Janet was nominated multiple times by different coworkers, reinforcing her outstanding performance.

One of the coworkers that nominated her said:

"​​I have worked with Janet for nearly a decade; she is encouraging, supportive, kind, and always there for me when I need her."

Mike B.

Mike is also part of the SWIS team. Mike is known for his dedication and commitment to the management of other employees. Outside of work, Mike enjoys long-distance bike riding.

Mike was nominated because:

"Mike stands out because of the continued effort he puts in to ensure all of the employees of the SWIS department are cared for and that they strive for the bar of excellence he sets. "

Alex W.

Alex is a service advisor on the Wrench team. He is known for his quick responses and exceptional attitude.

His coworker that nominated him said:

"By the end of every consultation, he's managed to help me and put a smile on my face and the customer's face as well!"

Nicole R.

Nicole is the operations manager at Wrench. Not only is Nicole exceptional at spreadsheets, but she is also internally known as the Google queen because of her ability to find nearly anything through web searching. In addition, she was nominated by multiple teammates because of her passion, helpful nature, and professional approach to work.

Chase D.

Chase is an Operations Coordinator Intern at Wrench. After only a few months, Chase has integrated into the Ops team seamlessly. He is known for his quick ability to learn new tasks and kind demeanor. The coworker who nominated Chase highlighted that Chase could "expertly and efficiently walk new technicians through orientation"  only one month in.

Chris F.

Chris is an accounting analyst at YourMechanic. Chris has taken on a large workload and quickly adapted. Chris is dependable and professional and goes the extra mile in everything he does at work.

The coworker that nominated Chris said:

"He is very punctual! It's great to have an accounting analyst who loves numbers... even numbers on a clock! And don't worry about forgetting things... Chris will remind you. He's a great recordkeeper."

James H.

James is an Assistant Service Advisor with Wrench. James is known for his helpful nature and dedication to a well-done job.

James was nominated by multiple coworkers, one of who said:

"James is willing and insistent on going above and beyond in everything that comes across his desk, every time. He has been an instrumental asset to his colleagues, his service manager, and anybody else who asks for help. Often sacrificing his personal time to ensure that each aspect of this team runs smoothly, we can always count on James to get it done. "

Cassandra M.

Cassandra is part of the Operations team at Wrench. She is known for her strong work ethic and help.

Bob U.

Bob is the Service Director at Wrench. He is known for his excellent multitasking skills and strong work ethic. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of automotive repairs and diagnostics, enabling him to excel when working with technicians.

Michael G.

Michael is one of the fantastic technicians at Wrench. He is known for his positive attitude and dedication to quality service. Michael strives to go above and beyond to make all his customers happy.

Aron G.

Aron is another outstanding technician at Wrench. He is known for his leadership skills and helpful demeanor. Even when Aron isn't scheduled to work, he still supports his coworkers if they need his help.

Jason D.

Jason is a Service Advisor with Wrench. He is known for being resourceful, patient, and helpful to his team.

One of his coworkers shared this story that embodies the support that Jason provides:

"Trying to diagnose a no start on a Ford F150SX the SXT, and he was able to pull up some information regarding the wiring diagram on Identifix where I did not have access to... The information he provided was crucial to diagnosing the car and Narrowing down the cause of concern."

David H.

David is a software engineer that works in Wrench's Seattle office. He is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy that always jumps to offer solutions. He keeps the Wrench systems running, builds impressive features, and sets the "quality" bar very high.

Kevin M.

Kevin is a Service Advisor with Wrench. He is known for his dedication and efficiency, all while continuously providing help and support to his team.

The coworker that nominated Kevin said:

"Kevin has rare capabilities in terms of speed and efficiency. He's always working hard, looking for feedback, and trying to improve. He's a great coworker who tries to foster a friendly team environment. I think very highly of his abilities."

Every person within the Wrench team and companies under that umbrella show dedication and passion daily. Each member's hard work and commitment make all of these companies unique and special.

So, for Labor Day, we want to thank all of the Wrench, YourMechanic, LemonSquad, and Southwest Inspection Services members for working so hard every day and creating positive work environments for us and everyone involved.

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