As we settle into life in a post-pandemic world, finding safe and affordable auto repair is as important as ever. Mobile mechanics stepped in to fill a need for alternatives brought about by COVID-19. Yet more and more people are discovering the everyday benefits mobile repair offers, and Wrench is proof the age of mobile mechanics is here and here to stay.

The Rise Of Mobile Mechanics

The concept of mobile mechanics was born out of the frustration from dealing with traditional auto repair shops and was around long before COVID entered our vocabulary. However, auto repair technology and viable communication methods had yet to emerge for a quality mobile repair network to be successful. The official launch of Wrench in 2016, though, changed everything.

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Wrench’s innovative technology meant that an alternative to the high costs and hassle of traditional auto repair shops could finally be realized. In addition, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic thrust mobile auto repair into the spotlight, rebooting auto repair history and showing the world that mobile mechanics are the way of the future.

The Mobile Mechanic, Auto Repair, And The Pandemic

Mandatory shutdowns caused the closure of many auto repair shops, severely limiting auto repair options and adding to the uncertainty COVID-19 already brings to daily life. So, with a greater emphasis on self-care and social distancing came an increase in “mobile mechanics near me” online searches. It was the moment auto repair shops became obsolete. The mobile mechanic revolution had begun.

For many car owners, the pandemic marked the first time learning just what mobile mechanics are and how they can provide safe, contactless services no matter the time or place. Through it all, Wrench has maintained its place as the industry leader and innovator, providing an efficient way to locate safe and dependable auto repair options. With the Wrench network of certified mobile mechanics growing daily, finding a mobile mechanic near you has never been easier.

The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics make auto repair stress-free and affordable while providing many other benefits that traditional auto repair shops cannot. These benefits make mobile auto repair a better choice for your well-being, wallet, and car.


Safety is a key benefit that placed mobile auto repair services front and center during the pandemic. Wrench services are 100% contactless so that you can maintain social distancing during the entire mobile repair process. In addition, Wrench mobile mechanics come to you, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in uncomfortable surroundings or dangerous situations.


Convenience is another reason mobile mechanics make better sense than going to brick-and-mortar auto repair shops. You don’t have the headache of getting your car to an auto shop or waiting endlessly for the car to be fixed. Best of all, no more filthy waiting rooms. You schedule Wrench mobile mechanics to come at a time and location that is most convenient for you.

Wrench mobile mechanics are like having your own personal full-service auto repair shop. Our mobile mechanics are ASE-certified and can help you with a wide range of services from a simple oil change and wiper replacement to larger repairs, including battery replacement, emissions failure repair, brake pad replacement, flat tire repair, radiator replacement, and much more.

A Plethora Of Other Services

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits you get from using mobile mechanics. Other benefits of Wrench mobile auto repair services include:

  • Fast and free quotes
  • No surprise costs added to the quoted price
  • A friendly, customer-centered experience
  • Less repair time, more time for you
  • 12,000 Mile/12 Month Warranty

No matter where or when you need auto repair service, rest assured Wrench mobile mechanics are available to provide all of these benefits and more, so you can get on with your day and get back on the road.

Mobile Mechanics Near Me

Every day more car owners are discovering a better way to search for a “mobile mechanic near me” without relying on Alexa or Siri. With Wrench, it’s easy to get started with just your zip code. You can find certified mobile mechanics near you, get a free quote, and schedule a mobile auto repair service, all in a matter of minutes.

The Future Of Mobile Auto Repair Is Now With Wrench

The future of mobile auto repair is now. Wrench leads the charge, setting a new standard for quality, convenience, and overall customer satisfaction. So, don’t get stuck in the past with traditional auto repair shops. Instead, enjoy all the benefits mobile mechanics offer. Contact Wrench and get a free quote today.

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