Summer is here, and with it comes unrelenting heat that can wreak havoc on your car and make for a miserable driving experience. However, you can follow a few summer car care tips to ensure your vehicle is in optimal summer driving condition, letting you stay cool and relaxed during your driving adventures all summer long.

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Why Summer Heat Isn't Great For Vehicles

Hot weather can affect your car in various ways, from altering fluid levels to excessive wear and tear on your car's core systems. In addition, heat causes vehicles to overwork, potentially leading to overheating and other issues that can result in pricey repairs.

How To Lessen The Impact Of Summer Heat

The best way to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly in the heat is to follow a few basic steps for summer car care maintenance. Taking a few minutes to check tire pressure, top off fluid levels, and other quick tasks can go a long way to keeping your car on track for a great summer season.

Summer Car Care And Maintenance Tips For The Sun-soaked Season

Summer car maintenance may not be your idea of fun in the sun, yet it is well worth the effort compared to being stuck on the side of the road in the heat of the day. Wrench mobile mechanics are always ready to assist you, yet you can avoid the hassle of hot weather breakdowns and costly repairs with ten easy summer car care tips.

1. Check All Fluids

Your car needs fluids to stay cool and keep important functions and processes working as intended, especially in high heat. If fluid levels are too high or too low, they can adversely affect your car's performance and cause damage. So, check oil, coolant, brake, and power steering fluids before driving in the heat to prevent serious and costly repairs.

2. Cooling System Check

A cooling system is vital to keeping your car on the road. It expels excessive heat from the engine and helps maintain a consistent engine temperature needed for optimal performance. It's a good idea to check for radiator leaks and top off coolant levels during the summer months and throughout the year. You can also schedule a mobile mechanic for a complete cooling system diagnostic and maintenance service to give you added peace of mind before heading out on summer driving trips.

3. Test Battery

Heat can speed up battery fluid evaporation and oxidation, damaging components and leaving you with a faulty battery. Replacing batteries can be costly and frustrating. So, perform a battery test to help prevent battery degradation or failure during the hot weather and throughout the year.

4. Check Tire Pressure

Heat can cause fluctuations in tire pressure, so maintaining tires at the proper psi or pounds per square inch can help maintain optimal handling, braking, and fuel economy. You can usually find recommended psi levels in your car owner's manual, the plaque on the driver's side door jamb, or the sidewall of your car's tires.

5. Test Brakes

Your car's brakes are already subjected to intense heat caused by friction, and the heat is only intensified by the blazing summertime sun. Excessive heat speeds up brake wear and, in extreme circumstances, can cause brake fluid to boil, deteriorating braking capabilities. So, regularly testing brakes can limit summertime brake issues.

6. Check Air Conditioner

Nothing is worse than a car air conditioner pelting you with only warm air on a scorching hot day. You can prevent A/C issues and stay cool throughout the summer by regularly checking your car's air conditioner. A mobile mechanic can help identify issues and provide repairs and maintenance on the spot.

7. Change Oil And Oil Filter

Checking your car's oil levels and filters are necessary throughout the year, especially during the sweltering summer months. Heat affects oil's viscosity, consistency, and how it moves through and protects the engine. More intense summer heat combined with old or low oil can be a cause for concern. So, it's good to kick off the summer months with a fresh oil and filter change to ensure your vehicle is cruising at peak summertime performance.

8. Check Hoses And Belts

Loose, cracked, or overly worn belts and hoses can put a sudden stop to your summer driving adventures. So, inspect hoses and belts before venturing out into the heat. This way, you can avoid any failures caused by belts or hoses while on the road.

9. Check Windshield Wipers And Wiper Fluid

Driving during the summer months often means dealing with sudden downpours or a heavy dose of bugs splattered on your car's windshield. So, check and replace wipers and wiper fluid to ensure you have a clear field of vision no matter how many insects or how intense the storms you encounter during your summer drive.

10. Replace Cabin Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter makes an air conditioner work overtime to keep you cool and puts undue strain on your car's engine, causing serious damage down the road. A clean air filter helps ease some of the stress on the A/C system and the engine. So, replacing the air filter helps provide a cool and refreshing escape from the burning sun outside.

How Wrench Can Help Keep Your Car In Great Condition

Summer car maintenance is necessary to beat the excesses hot weather can put on your car, yet you don't have to do it alone. We have hundreds of mobile mechanics at Wrench who can help you with your summer car care needs. We come to you and have mobile mechanics available for same-day service, from mobile diagnostics to an oil change, cooling system replacement, wiper replacement, and much more.

Keep Summer Driving Safe And Fun With Wrench

Following basic summer car care tips helps keep your car running smoothly all season long. Yet if you're in need of auto service, Wrench has you covered. So, don't get caught unprepared in hot weather. Book a mechanic and beat the heat with Wrench today.

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