When the weather is hot, it feels great to blast your AC. But when you AC start blowing warm or hot air instead of cold air, you will need to book a service appointment with Wrench's mobile mechanics. It could be a sign of other underlying issues so you should get your AC system repaired as soon as possible.


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Reasons Why Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

  1. Refrigerant Leak
    The most common reason that an AC system might be blasting warm air instead of cool air is a leak of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a liquid that circulated through the AC system and remove heat from the inside of your car. If the refrigerant leaks, then it won't remove the heat properly, causing warm air to come out of your AC. It can be difficult to find the spot where refrigerant is leaking, so be sure to get it check out by a Wrench mobile mechanic.
  2. Broken Condenser
    If you car's condenser is blocked or broken, it won't be functioning properly. The condenser works by keeping the refrigerant liquid cool so it can cycle through the system. If this is the source of the issue, you will need to get it repaired by a professional. Book an appointment with our mobile mechanics as soon as you can.
  3. Electrical Issues
    Electrical problems can be hard to diagnose, so if you suspect this is the issue, book an appointment with us. If it is an electrical issue, you might have frayed wiring or a blown fuse. These wires may need to be mended or replaced in order to work properly.
  4. Broken Cooling Fans
    Your cooling fan could also be the source of the warm air coming from your AC system. Sometimes your cooling fan can get hit by debris from the road, causing scratches, dents, or even a break down. If you notice your cooling fan isn't working, book an appointment with us so we can get it fixed before the warm air can become too inconvenient.

At Wrench, we hire the most skilled mobile mechanics around. Each mechanic is ASE certified and has plenty of past experience repairing and maintaining all different makes and models. When you book an appointment with us, you will be receiving a new standard of auto repair. You will get a service that is quick and convenient, perfect for all kinds of lifestyles. Whether you are a CEO, stay-at-home mom, or factory worker, our mechanics can help you! We look forward to fixing your AC system soon!


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