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With Wrench's quick expansion and growth, we like to take the opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of our technicians. Each week we want to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements and performance of a technician that embodies the values of Wrench's team.

This week that technician is Chris J.

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Chris J.

Chris has been a part of the Wrench team for the last six months, and we couldn't be more excited to have him. Chris services the Norfolk, Virginia market with Wrench. So if you or someone you know lives within the Norfolk area, you may be lucky enough to book Chris for your next service. Before joining Wrench, Chris had many years of experience within the automotive industry.

How Chris Found his Interest in the Industry

Chris has dedicated 14 years to the auto industry. We asked him how he got his start, to which he responded:

"I grew up around loud cars and motorcycles and was introduced to racing at an early age. I always wondered how the racing vehicles could be so fast and loud. That curiosity led me on a path to acquire the knowledge and skills that put me in the position I'm in today."

His passion for the industry started at a young age and has continued to grow throughout his career. He has perfected his communication skills alongside his talents and knowledge about car maintenance and repair. He has also become a licensed Virginia state inspector, is ASE-certified, and can do AC work. We asked Chris what his favorite part about being a mobile mechanic was, and he focused on the professional manner in which he can help customers. He also noted the difference this offered from the general perception of auto mechanics.

With all of the excellent knowledge that Chris has accumulated throughout his career, we thought he would be a great person to ask about general tips and advice for any car owner. Chris's answered:

"Make a habit of riding with no music or distractions so that you can listen to your vehicle. Engine, transmission, and chassis/suspension noises detected early can be extremely beneficial."

Customer Testimonials

Chris is well known for his professional manner, knowledge, and exceptional customer service, but don't just take our word for it! Chris has already gained a lot of recognition from the community within Norfolk, Virginia. Here are some of the things nice things customers had to say about Chris and his services:

"Chris was awesome! Early for the appointment, courtesy, super knowledgeable, he knows his cars, and I recommend him over any shop any day! He went above and beyond to assure me everything with my car was good! THANK YOU" - Christine E.
"Chris was amazing!! He's honest and really cares about fixing your vehicle. He's knowledgeable and so kind!!! Request Chris for mobile repair if you're in the VA Beach area!!!!" - Atisha P.
"Chris was very professional and personable. He is very knowledgeable and is by far the best mechanic I've run across as a vehicle owner. He made sure that I was aware of every service performed and explained the effects it would have on the overall performance of my vehicle. Excellent service will definitely refer him to friends and continue using his services in the future!" - Jamal B.
"Chris was awesome! I believe he was extremely thorough in checking out my vehicle. He explained everything and patiently answered my questions! This was my first experience with Wrench, and based on Chris' visit, I would definitely call them again and recommend them to others." - Ava W.

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