Hello Memphis!

Good news, Wrench is officially in Memphis, Tennessee! We are excited to announce our new market in Memphis and want to take the opportunity to highlight Memphis and what we can now proudly offer. Below, what Wrench is and does, the services we provide, and how to make an appointment are explained. Memphis, Tennessee Wrench has arrived!


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What is Wrench?

Wrench was started in 2016 to make car servicing simpler in everyday life. The starters of Wrench saw other industries, like tech advancing quickly, and leaving the car and servicing sector behind. Wrench was created to fill this apparent gap and has since brought the car servicing industry into the 21st century. With hundreds of ASE-certified mobile auto technicians, Wrench can provide mobile auto repair and service to all of our markets across the country. As a result, Wrench has become the preferred mobile mechanic for thousands of car owners in the US. Our highly experienced and professional auto technicians guarantee a unique and satisfactory experience every single time. Whether it is a diagnostic service or a brake pad replacement, our mobile mechanics will come to you at the time, date, and location of your choice to service your vehicle. In addition, Wrench believes in transparency surrounding repairs, which further sets the company apart from other car servicing and repair companies, guaranteeing competitive and affordable pricing and a simple and exceptional customer experience.

What Services does Wrench offer in Memphis, Tennessee?

Memphis, Tennessee, now has access to all of the services that Wrench has to offer. It isn't easy to provide a simple list of the array of services we offer, but that information can easily be located here. Some of the most commonly used services that Wrench offers include diagnostic services, oil change and filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement, and battery replacement. The list of services is very lengthy, as Wrench aims to complete almost any maintenance you require. There are some limitations because of the mobile nature of Wrench repairs and maintenance, but if we cannot complete the service for you, we will recommend one of the shops that we have vetted.

Suppose you are unsure of what services your vehicle needs to be done. In that case, our diagnostic services are a great choice as our mobile mechanics are highly prepared to diagnose and fix whatever repairs or maintenance you may need. When booking a diagnostic service, our technicians often can diagnose and repair within the same appointment, unless they need to order a part. If they cannot complete the service after diagnosing the issue because of time restraints or ordering parts, booking a follow-up appointment is easier than ever.

Where does Wrench Provide Service in Memphis, Tennessee?

Having to find an auto shop, find the time to take your car in, figure out transportation from and to, or sit at the shop waiting for your vehicle is a thing of the past. Wrench works to fit into your busy schedule, doing so with mobile mechanics that will complete service at the location of your choosing. Whether you want work done while at work to eliminate a workday disruption or at home, working remotely, or binging the new hottest television series, Wrench is ready to meet you there! All we ask of you is that you choose a flat and safe location so that our technicians can complete the service seamlessly. All you have to do is select a safe and flat area, and all you have to do is continue with your regular schedule, and your car will be repaired. Even movie theaters or restaurants provide the perfect location for your car servicing, eliminating the hassle of bringing your car into the shop. Some examples of places within Memphis, Tennessee that Wrench can service your vehicle include:

  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Memphis Zoo
  • Sun Studio
  • Stax Museum of American Soul
  • Memphis Brooks Museum
  • Memphis Rock’n’Soul Museum
  • Memphis Botanic Garden
  • Shelby Farms Park
  • Dixon Gallery and Gardens
  • Mud Island
  • Metal Museum
  • Overton Park
  • Memphis Museum of Science and History
  • Blues Hall of Fame Museum
  • Tom Lee Park
  • And More!

These are just a few examples of places that Wrench can offer service within Memphis, Tennessee. The possibilities are endless for where our technicians can service your car, as long as you choose a safe and flat location. Now all you have to do is book an appointment, and car maintenance is accessible to you at any area of your choosing!

How do you get started?

Wrench is easily accessible with our fully online booking services. To begin, you will be asked to enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle or given the option to enter the VIN of your car. Once that has been entered, you will be given options to choose the services that your vehicle requires. At this point of the booking process, there are tools to help you and our technicians assess the services needed. Examples like dim headlights or electrical component failure can indicate a dying battery, and with this information, our team is better equipped to handle your repair. After selecting the services, there will be a quote accessible throughout the rest of the process. We pride ourselves on transparent and competitive pricing. You can see the charges for labor and parts throughout the booking process. You won't be charged until the service has been fully completed to guarantee an entirely satisfactory experience and repair. You will then be asked to enter some personal information. Finally, you will need to choose a time, place, and location for the service. Once this is completed, you are all set for your mobile maintenance! It has never been simpler to fit regular car maintenance or general repairs into your schedule. Get started today with the link at the top or bottom of this page. Wrench is so excited to be a part of Memphis, Tennessee and hopefully the future of your car servicing and maintenance!


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