Car maintenance and repairs are vital to keeping your car performing at its best and most reliable. Wrench makes it possible to book an appointment wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. With hundreds of ASE-certified technicians nationwide, we work hard to make your automotive maintenance and repairs stress-free and straightforward.

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At Wrench, we are quickly expanding to new markets across the United States. As a fast-growing company, we like to take the time to acknowledge some of the outstanding members of our community. Each week, we want to take the time to spotlight one of our technicians, and this week that mobile technician is Tom B.!

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Wrench Mobile Technician, Tom B., in Indianapolis.
Tom B. 

Tom B. currently services in the Indianapolis market. If you or someone you know lives in the Indianapolis area, you may be lucky enough to book an appointment with Tom! If you find yourself in a different market, look at our current market list to see if Wrench services the area you live in. A complete list of the current markets serviced by Wrench is accessible here.

Tom's Start in the Automotive Industry:

Tom found his passion for the automotive industry over ten years ago and has since amassed an extensive knowledge surrounding complicated repairs and the importance of communication. Tom currently holds six ASE certifications in A1 Engine Repair, A4 Suspension and steering, A5 Brakes, A7 Heating and air conditioning, A8 Engine performance, and G1 maintenance and light repair. Additionally, he is EPA 609 certified in the proper use of equipment and handling of refrigerants when servicing motor vehicle air conditioning systems. Tom's passion for the industry has been evident since he discovered it by chance.

Tom started working in the automotive industry when he met the owner of a small family-owned repair shop. He became good friends with the technician and began working with him. Tom benefitted from the technician's experience, skill, and knowledge and was able to assist with repairs. Tom said that what kept him hooked was the variety of vehicle technologies and repairs. The challenge of learning and developing knowledge and skills pushes Tom to go above and beyond while keeping him interested in the variety of repairs and skills learned in the industry. Tom's interest and passion for the industry are just one of the things that makes him a fantastic technician!

Customer Testimonials:

Tom's ability to go above and beyond for all of his clients has become clear quickly. So many customers who have had the opportunity to work with Tom had glowing reviews and emphasized his explicit knowledge and expert ability to communicate! But don't just take our word for it; we want to include some of the great things that customers had to say about Tom's service:

"Tom did a great job! He is very skilled and knowledgeable and explains things well. I will use Wrench again because of Tom." -Dennis M.
"Extremely professional and knowledgeable, and provided fantastic service."-Katherine S.
"Tom was knowledgeable and quick to suspect what the problem was and quick to confirm that suspicion. Also great communication-- I learned a lot about the nature of the issue, how it affects drivability, how it impacts the car as a whole system, etc."-Nicholas C.
"Tom was great!! He explained everything and was very friendly and easy to talk to" Frank M.

Tom has been an outstanding member of the Wrench team for five months, and we couldn't be happier to have him. Tom is known for his ability to communicate complex automotive problems, how they may affect a car's performance and the solution! Tom is a wonderful example of the honesty and integrity that we want for all of our team members, as he continuously embodies the friendly and transparent attitude expected by Wrench.

Insights and Advice from Tom:

We asked Tom what about the industry continued to carry his interest. We wanted to know what he liked about working at Wrench. Tom had a great response that again amplifies his strengths in communication and problem solving:

"Going out to the customers on-site and helping them with their vehicle problems and concerns. Being able to talk directly with the customers, explain what is happening with their vehicle and why, and repair creates a very interactive experience. I find most customers appreciate being told and shown what the cause of their concerns are and see that the technicians are there actually to help solve the problems."

Additionally, we wanted to hear as much insight as Tom had. With his years of experience, he is extremely experienced in his ability to advise the best car tips. We wanted to get just a bit more of this knowledge by asking Tom what advice he would give to car owners.

"Look into your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Don't skip maintenance intervals and basic maintenance services. These make a huge difference in the life of the vehicle. The old axiom "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." is especially relevant concerning automobiles."

How to Book with Wrench:

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Located at the top and bottom of this page, a link is available to take you to our online booking platform. Once you have reached this page, you will be asked to provide your vehicle's VIN or manually enter the year, make, and model. After this, you will be able to select the services or maintenance that you require. A complete list of all the Wrench's services is available here. At this point, you will be asked to provide some general information. Finally, you will have the chance to pick your Wrench appointment's time, place, and location. The only thing that we ask when choosing a site is that you select an area that is safe and flat so that our mobile technicians can complete the service safely and uninterrupted. After this step, you are all set; all you need to do is relax! You will not be charged anything until the service is completed to guarantee the best service possible. Get started today booking with Wrench for whatever your service needs are.

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