We are so excited to announce that we have officially acquired YourMechanic! Below we will provide a bit more information about YourMechanic, and what this means for Wrench and our users.

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What is Wrench:

Wrench was founded in 2016 to make car maintenance more accessible than ever. With hundreds of ASE-certified technicians, Wrench has highly qualified professionals in hundreds of markets across the United States. One-of-a-kind customer service, excellent communication, and transparency makes Wrench the reliable and trustworthy company it is today.

What is YourMechanic:

YourMechanic is another mobile mechanic company centered around making car servicing more accessible within daily life. YourMechanic was started in 2012. YourMechanic has maintained similar goals of transparency and accessibility within their work in the automotive repair industry. Since then, they have expanded their services to offer over 500 services to consumers and fleets across the United States and Canada. With over 350 markets, YourMechanic has used technological advancements to provide service to any vehicle at the time and location of its choosing.

What does this Mean for YourMechanic Users:

Not to worry - You will now have access to an even greater pool of mobile mechanics through this acquisition! The only noticeable change YourMechanic's users should expect at this time is greater accessibility to the services they love.

What does this Mean for Wrench Users:

Good news! Having now acquired YourMechanic, we can offer a larger group of mobile mechanics to a wider variety of areas. As many Wrench users know, we are a continuously growing company that works to advance and open operations in new markets whenever possible. With the addition of YourMechanic and their team, we can broaden the scope of our business and make appointments even easier by adding these new mechanics.

With the high standards of Wrench as a company, we will continue to expect the best customer and servicing experience for all of our users, even as that group grows. We want to continue highlighting the importance of transparent pricing, clear communication, and flexibility in what makes Wrench unique. Combined with the resources gained from YourMechanic, we can now offer services in 35,000 zip codes and to more than 20,000 private and fleet vehicles monthly! Our services are now more accessible than ever to our users.

What does this Mean for New Users:

A history of distrust is very prevalent within the auto-service industry. More than 75% of consumers do not trust repair shops. For the last six years, Wrench has worked to disprove this concept by providing one-of-a-kind customer service, transparent diagnostic and pricing, and trustworthy technicians. Wrench works to provide accessibly and care-free servicing to help reduce the stress of car maintenance and repair. Proper car maintenance can prevent costly repairs in the future. With Wrench, new customers can expect a one-of-a-kind customer service experience, as Wrench users have become accustomed to.

They always say two is better than One!

As a result, users now have greater access to peace of mind and stress-free mobile repairs than ever before. Both YourMechanic and Wrench offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on repairs. This helps build client trust in the services that our mechanics provide. Additionally, the transparent pricing of parts and labor, the availability, and the ease will be universal across both YourMechanic and Wrench, as we all work to provide the best customer experience possible. This is a significant step for Wrench as we can reach new markets where we previously did not have a presence.


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