At Wrench, car maintenance and repair have never been more accessible. We have hundreds of ASE-certified mobile technicians ready to help you with whatever car servicing you need. With our mobile mechanics, you can receive service at home, work, restaurant, or even at a shopping mall. In addition, the mobile platform makes booking much easier to fit into your busy daily schedule. Wrench offers hundreds of highly trained technicians across the country that are accessible to you. As Wrench quickly expands to new markets across the US, we still hold all of our team to a high standard to guarantee customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable, transparent and honest car servicing experience.

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Our mobile auto-technicians are one of the many essential things that make Wrench special. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to ensure the best customer service experience possible. Because of their invaluable addition to the team, we like to take the time each week to highlight our social media and blog one technician. This week, the spotlight is on Stephen O.! Stephen works in the Kansas City market and is an outstanding example of the great technicians that Wrench has to offer. Stephen receives tons of excellent reviews from his clients, so it's about time that we recognize the exceptional work that Stephen has done.

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Stephen O- One of Wrench's amazing auto technicians 

In this blog, we want to highlight some of the wonderful things that customers had to say about Stephen, in addition to how he got his start in the automotive industry and what he loves about his job at Wrench!

Stephen is an exceptional part of our Kansas City team. So if you or someone you know is looking for car service in the Kansas City area, get started today with booking with Wrench, and you may be lucky enough to find yourself with an appointment with Stephen O!

The mobile platform that Wrench prides itself on allows our technicians to provide service wherever is the most convenient for you. Whether that is at home so you can catch up on a new television series or at work so that your day goes uninterrupted, our mobile technicians come to you! When choosing your servicing location, the only thing that we ask is that you pick a safe and flat area so that our mechanics can seamlessly complete your service.

We have many great auto technicians in Kansas City, in addition to over 50 other major metropolitan areas across the United States. So get started today by booking an appointment using our online booking platform!

Stephen's Start in the Automotive Industry

Stephen has a lot of great experience in the automotive industry-in fact, over 13 years of experience! Over those 13 years, Stephen has gotten ASE-certified and spent over one year working at Wrench, and we couldn't be happier to have him. Stephen says he first found his passion in the automotive industry early out of high school. With influences from his father being in the industry, Stephen has become a significant part of the Wrench team, continuously exhibiting a professional attitude and expert car knowledge.

This early start in the automotive industry has enabled Stephen to become one of the auto technicians, making the Wrench experience great. In addition, Stephen continuously shows his customer experience expertise with his professional and courteous attitude. But don't just take our word for it, we have many customers that think very highly of Stephen and his work!

More Customer Testimonials

"Stephen has come out and helped me with my car a few times. He's amazing. He does great work in a timely manner, polite and professional—definitely one of the best mechanics I've used. Even apologized for a parts warehouse taking so long on getting him the parts needed to change out my headlights." - Patricia G.
"Very impressed with Stephen and WRENCH. Definitely, a better way to do business when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Steven was very prompt and kept me informed on progress. The parts House sent him the wrong fuel pump on the first day he was here, but as soon as he got the right part, he was here first thing in the morning and took care of it. So far, the truck drives much better. I plan on using Steven for upcoming repairs and regular vehicle maintenance. So convenient and not nearly as costly as I had anticipated. Thanks again, Stephen!"- Bradley F.
"Very personable, professional, and fast! I would definitely recommend him to anyone! If I need to use this service again, I hope he's the one who shows up!" - Debra H.

These are just a few examples of the positive feedback that Stephen O. has received. Over the last year that Stephen O. has worked at Wrench, he has left a lasting impression on many customers in the Kansas City area.

Stephen says that his favorite thing about working at Wrench is the great people Wrench employs. Beyond working at Wrench, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family and golfing. His dedication to creating a good customer experience has made Stephen an invaluable member of the Wrench team, and we are ecstatic to have him.

The one thing that Stephen says all customers should be doing is maintaining their vehicle. So whether you're looking for general maintenance or a part replacement, Wrench is the perfect place to book an appointment. Wrench always works to maintain an honest and transparent relationship with any of our clients. That's why during the booking process, our auto-generated quote is competitive and includes a cost breakdown so you can see exactly where your money is going. We even provide a rough time estimation for your service, so you know exactly what you're getting when you book with Wrench. Get started today by clicking the button located at the top and bottom of this page!

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