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Wrench has put a lot of work into guaranteeing a positive experience for you regarding car maintenance. However, it couldn't be possible without our mobile mechanics who constantly adapt to new problems and show exceptional work. For that, we like to showcase our technicians every week to let everyone know the hard work and achievements they demonstrate. We are more than happy to have them on Wrench's team.

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Eric R. Wrench Technician

This week's spotlight technician is Eric R.

Eric has been with the team for four years and has been involved with cars for a while now. Currently providing services in the Phoenix area, if you or someone you know is in the area, maybe there is a chance to experience having Eric as a technician.

About The Star Himself

Eric found his start within the industry at a young age, working alongside his uncle. He then cultivated his passion for the work in automotive school. To this day, Eric is passionate about a thorough and correct repair, as well as communicating the issue clearly to customers in a way they can understand.

We asked Eric what his first car was, a memorable thing in almost everyone's life. Eric's first car was a 1989 Nissan 240sx. As of now, Eric is more of a Honda person. When it comes to car maintenance, Eric is the guy to ask. Whenever he gets an oil change, he inspects his car and recommends to others that if you want to keep your car for a long time, maintenance is essential.

Customer Testimonials

Eric is well known for his professional manner, extensive knowledge, and unparalleled communication skills. His passion for customer service is apparent in every service he performs. If you don't take our word for it, just read some customer testimonials left for Eric:

"Not only does Eric have a positive attitude and great personality, he knows his mechanics. He instantly replaced my battery, checked all my fluids and tire pressure, and waited to ensure my car was charged. In addition, he went out of his way to make sure my car was safe to drive. He really cares about his customer and gave me the confidence that my car was road ready. I feel so lucky to have found Wrench mobile mechanics, and they are now on my speed dial!" -Lynn D.
"Eric did an awesome job in a timely manner and explained the work that was done, which made it very helpful. He was very professional, and I'll definitely recommend Wrench and Eric to my family and friends if they need any automotive services." -Sammy L.
"Eric did a great job. Very thorough and quick, I was very impressed. He diagnosed my car and got approval from the warranty company before he left. He returned with all the parts the next day, and my car was done quickly. Very friendly guy, I will use the company again if needed, and I will ask for Eric. Awesome job" -Sheri G.

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