At Wrench, we hire mechanics that have extensive knowledge of auto repairs and can work on a wide variety of cars. One of the requirements that each mobile mechanic must fulfill is an ASE certification. Therefore our customers will be able to rest assured that they will receive high quality auto repairs from knowledgable mechanics no matter which mechanic Wrench sends to them.


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What Does ASE Stand For?

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. This certification helps to improve the auto repair industry by ensuring that each mechanic has a standard to live by. Qualified mechanics that take the time to receive this certification show a higher level of dedication to the industry by making sure that their customers will be able to hold them to that baseline standard.  

How Do Mechanics Receive An ASE Certification?

The ASE tests are quite challenging, ensuring that only dedicated professionals are able to get certified. In fact only two thirds of the people that take the test pass it on their first try. Along with these tests, people must have at least two years of prior experience in the auto repair industry or a two year degree in automotive technology paired with at least one year of field experience. Not only will ASE certified mechanics have the knowledge to complete a wide range of repairs, but they will be able to perform the services successfully. So when you book an appointment with Wrench's mobile mechanics, you can be sure that your car will be in good hands.

How Does The ASE Test Work?

A panel of automotive professionals, technicians, manufacturers, and instructors write the test questions with care in order to make sure every person that receives this certification has extensive knowledge of everything in their specific field. In our case, the test would cover all the basic auto repair and maintenance services that every car owner will need at some point.

At this moment there are 40 different ASE tests that focus on different fields from cars to trucks. There's even a test for mechanics that specialize on buses! At Wrench, we hire mechanics that focus on the common car. So no matter what your car's make and model is, we will have a mechanic that has worked on it before.

Why Does Wrench Require An ASE Certification?

Wrench requires that all of our mobile mechanics have an ASE certification in order to ensure the same level of service from each mechanic. We don't only look at the certification, we look at the years of experience as well as the character of the mechanic. Wrench is a team of skilled mechanics that come together to bring high quality auto repair and maintenance services to our customers in the most convenient way possible.

So go ahead and book your appointment today! When you receive a service from us, there's no way you'd want to go back to the days spent waiting for hours in the repair shop's waiting room or spending hundreds on unnecessary towing trucks. Log onto our website and get your quote today!


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