Driving in the snow is dangerous as it adds even more variables and unpredictable factors to your commute. Whether a daily drive or a road trip, snow creates hazardous road conditions, so it is essential to acknowledge changing weather conditions. The best way to be prepared for when you come in contact with the snow is to have the proper tools and knowledge to ensure you and your vehicle are as safe as possible. There are precautions as a driver that can be taken to reduce the risk of bad weather conditions, but hazards in snow are not always avoidable. So what do you do if you find yourself stuck in the snow as a driver? Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you find yourself in this situation.

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As winter creates extra hazards while driving, it is essential to be as prepared as possible. Wrench is here to help you prepare and combat the treacherous roadways accompanying snow. To be extra prepared, here are more tips for driving in snow. As snow and ice produce slicker streets and less traction for your vehicle, it is crucial to focus on the road, reduce distractions, and maintain your vehicle. Maintaining your vehicle and preparing it for winter has never been easier with the help of Wrench and our mobile technicians! Our mobile auto technicians make car servicing and maintenance as stress-free and straightforward as possible to guarantee your satisfaction. Get started today with our online booking platform or stay up to date with what's new and exciting at Wrench by following our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Snow days are always fun, but what if you find your car stuck and unable to move? Maybe you just finished a great day of skiing, and more snow has fallen, and your vehicle can't get out of your parking spot. Having the proper tools and tips will help immensely if you find yourself in this situation! Below are nine helpful tips and tricks to get your car out if you find yourself stuck in snow:

Stay Calm

Like any other weather hazard or issue, it is crucial to stay calm if your car is stuck. A clear and level head helps the most in stressful or inconvenient situations.

Clear a Path Around the Tires

Digging the snow or ice that is built up around the tires and wheel wells of your vehicle is a significant first step. Make sure to clear a few feet in front of and behind each tire so that you can move the car back and forth. A shovel will make this easier, so it is valuable to keep a shovel on hand in the trunk of your vehicle.

Rock the Car

Now that you have cleared space around the tires, you can begin to rock the car in place. This is done by slowly switching from drive to reverse, with light pressure on the peddle. Going forward and backward may be able to tamp down loose snow and allow your car to gain the extra traction it needs. Between switching from drive to reverse, it is vital to brake or put the car in a neutral position to relieve the stress placed on your transmission and avoid damaging your engine.

Do Not Floor It

Although flooring a stuck car is the immediate reaction for many people, it is essential to avoid this urge. This will dig your vehicle and tires further into the snow; as a result, you will be more stuck.

Add Traction for the Tires

Your car may not get enough traction to drive out of the area it is stuck. For this reason, adding additional traction can be the step that enables your car to move. Additional traction can be gained from dirt, salt, sandbags, or even kitty litter. Having these on hand when snow is forecasted can be a precious tool that allows you to get your car unstuck.

Turn off Traction Control

Although this is a safety tool that helps immensely when driving within slick conditions, it hinders your ability to get unstuck. Traction control prevents wheelspin. Wheelspin is when the car can rotate its wheels without traction. Turning traction control off can help as wheelspin can sometimes be helpful when getting your vehicle unstuck.

Get Help

When your car is really stuck, sometimes all of these tips won't get your vehicle traction. An extra person or two can be one of the most significant help! If you have the luxury of having passengers or people around, recruiting help can be very helpful. Having people push the car out of the spot it is stuck can work wonders. It is vital to ensure that your vehicle is in drive and that the ground is safe enough for the people pushing to avoid falls.

Use Snow Chains

If you have chains, they will come in handy. Snow chains can provide the extra traction needed to help your car drive out of the spot it is stuck in. In addition, chains are crucial in gaining extra traction with hazardous weather and icy conditions.

Let a bit of air out of the Tires

This should be a last-ditch effort and only be done when you can refill the tires soon after. Letting air out of the tires allows more rubber to contact the ground, allowing for extra traction. It is essential to keep in mind that you need to have the ability to refill the tires soon after as it can damage your tires if you drive a long distance on underinflated tires.

All of these things can be valiant efforts in getting your car unstuck from the snow. However, being prepared is the most critical step when it comes to winter weather. Wrench is ready to help you prepare your vehicle for winter or any other time of year. It has never been easier to maintain and service your vehicle. With our mobile technicians, you can pick any convenient location for you. It is essential to choose a flat and safe area so our technicians can complete the service uninterrupted. Wrench provides flexibility to make your life that much easier.

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