The most important thing you can do for your car is to take care of it. This means following the maintenance schedule in your car’s manual, drive safely, and listen to it when it is trying to tell you something. If you are hearing an unusual sound or if it is not driving the way you are used to, call a Wrench mobile mechanic to come to you and determine what the issue is. Squealing brakes are a very common issue, especially as your vehicle gets older, so do not be alarmed if you start to hear unusual noises, but be sure to call someone right away. Ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do, so call Wrench today for the easiest fix.


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Squeaky brakes could mean a whole lot of things, ranging from simple wear-and-tear of your vehicle as it gets older to having extremely dangerous consequences. It is important to know the signs of brake failure so that you are best prepared and can seek help when necessary. We at Wrench have compiled a list of things that could be causing your noisy brakes, but remember that the best way to determine the issue is to get them checked out by a professional.

Reasons your brakes might be squeaking that should not cause you to panic:

  • Surface rust. The noise could just be a result of the surface rust wearing off in the morning and should not last for longer than a few minutes. Often times, this is a result of a different weather pattern, such as rain or snow or even high humidity.
  • Unwelcome visitors. If dust, dirt, or similar substances can cause brakes to squeal if they are located near the brake pads.
  • Your car is trying to tell you that you need new brakes. If there is a continuous high-pitched squeaking, this is almost always a sign of worn out brake pads. As they get older and more worn out, the pads thin which causes a metal tab to press down on the rotor. This usually causes a squealing sound even when your foot is not on the brakes. Although usually not dangerous to your vehicle right away, it is important to call a Wrench mobile mechanic to fix your brakes at your earliest convenience.
  • Your car is new. Some newer cars have harder brake pads which can sometimes cause a squealing noise to be emitted.

There are simple fixes to most of these problems, and they usually come in the form of lubricants and cleaning procedures that you can do yourself. However, it is important to be careful when doing so and to pay attention for any signs that your brakes may be suffering a worse form of damage.

Reasons your brakes might be squeaking that should cause you to call Wrench:

  • There are parts that are loose or worn. This is very common when it comes to brake noises and it is important to get this validated by a professional so that proper steps can be taken. If you know that your brakes are on the older side (have endured over 40,000 miles), then it is probably in your best interest to get them replaced.
  • Your rotors are warped. If the brake pads cannot press firmly against the rotor, this may cause vibrations that can generate noise. Sometimes, when mechanics replace your brakes, they will fail to check the rotors as well, which can result in unpleasant squeaking. If you are still hearing noises after getting your brakes replaced, be sure to have a mechanic do a thorough check of your vehicle.
  • You are hearing a grinding sound. This is caused by the metal on the backing plates rubbing against the rotors. This usually will not happen until your brakes are extremely worn down and it is in your best interest to get your brakes replaced as soon as possible, because you may have missed previous warning signs. If you are hearing this sound, it is critical that you also get your rotors replaced when getting new brakes because they likely have been worn down from the metal-to-metal contact. In many cases, replacing your rotors with your brakes is a good idea but in this instance it is absolutely necessary.

Whether you are confident that your brake squeaking is caused by surface rust or you really know nothing about cars and have no idea what to do, it never hurts to call a Wrench mobile mechanic to assess the situation for you. Your safety is our top priority and this should never be sacrificed by making misguided assumptions. While this article can provide reasons that your brakes may be noisy, it cannot diagnose the problem, so seeking help from a professional is always the way to go. Save yourself the peril of misjudging the severity of your brakes’ problem, and call Wrench today.


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