You might already know that every Wrench mobile mechanic is ASE-certified. To us, having technicians that are certified are very important because it gives our customers more peace of mind and allows us to ensure that our mobile mechanics have all of the skills and knowledge to perform the repairs and services that we offer. To give you a better understanding of what an ASE certification is and why we require it, we will describe what goes into the process of earning it! Hopefully, this will give you the peace of mind that our mobile mechanics are able to provide high quality auto repair and maintenance services so you can spend less time worrying about your vehicle.


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The History Of An ASE Certification

ASE stands for "The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence." This non-profit organization was created in 1972 to improve the standard quality of auto repair services by testing technicians. To this date, requiring mechanics to have an ASE certification is very popular and over 300,000 technicians have earned this certification. While it is becoming increasingly popular for auto repair shops and mobile mechanic companies to require an ASE certification, it can be quite difficult to find ASE-certified technicians. That's why it is important to ask difficult questions in order to find technicians that are qualified to repair you car.

What Is An ASE Certification?

An ASE certification is a standard of quality set by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Technicians that earn this certification need to have a wide variety of knowledge about auto repairs. That's why having this certification is important. It vouches for the mechanic and allows customers to trust the mechanic because of their knowledge and skills. To learn more about the ASE certification, click here!

How Does A Mobile Mechanic Earn An ASE Certification?

To receive an ASE certification, technicians must do a variety of things. A technician must:

  • Pass a rigorous written exam
    The exam is only offered twice a year, so technicians need to prepare for it months ahead of time to ensure that they pass it the first couple times of trying. In fact, only two out of three test-takers actually pass the exam on the first attempt.
  • Have 2+ years of on-the-job training or one year of on-the-job training combined with a 2 year degree in automotive repair
    This real world experience is necessary to get an ASE certification because the technician will learn physical reparative skills that are needed in order to pass the exam. This also allows us to ensure that technicians with the certification will not just have the knowledge of how to perform the repairs, but they will have the technical skills to get the job done right.  

As you can see, it is not as simple as passing an exam. There is a lot of hard work and preparation that goes into getting an ASE certification that most people aren't aware of. However, the hard work really pays of when we are able to confidently ensure our customers that our mobile mechanics are more than qualified at providing excellent auto repair and maintenance services.

Benefits Of Having An ASE Certification

The ASE certification allows managers and customers to have the peace of mind that their technician is qualified to perform their necessary auto repair services. At Wrench, we do everything in our power to give our customers peace of mind, which is why we require all of our mobile mechanics to have this certification. We also only hire mobile mechanics that have a minimum of 5 years of prior experience. Our mobile mechanics aren't beginners in the field, they are experienced veterans that know exactly what they are doing. So no matter what issues you are experiencing with your vehicle, our mobile mechanics will be able to handle it!

How To Book An Appointment With Wrench's ASE-Certified Mobile Mechanics

To book an appointment with Wrench's ASE-certified mobile mechanics, simply go to the homepage of our website or download our mobile app. You will be able to request your appointment with our qualified technicians in just a few minutes. You will need to give us the year, make, and model of your vehicle and let us know which services your vehicle needs. Then we will give you an honest auto repair quote for your requested services and, with that information, you will be able to schedule a convenient auto repair or maintenance appointment with a date, time, and location that works best for you. Click here to begin filling out our short auto repair appointment request form today!

What To Expect From Wrench's ASE-Certified Mobile Mechanics

On the day of your auto repair or maintenance appointment with our ASE-certified mobile mechanics, you can expect that our mechanic will arrive at your preferred location on time and prepared with all the tools and parts necessary to get your vehicle back on the road. You will meet our mobile mechanic by your vehicle and they will give you a short run down of the services they are scheduled to perform. At this point, you may ask any burning questions you have about your car, the repairs, or even Wrench in general. Because of the ASE-certification, our customers will be able to sit back and relax, knowing their car will be in very good hands. During your appointment, you will be able to leave and spend your time elsewhere while our mobile mechanic works on your vehicle. As soon as the service is finished, we will let you know and your car will be back to it's prime condition. You will be able to chat with our mobile mechanic before they leave and get any last minute advice on how to take good care of your car.

Here at Wrench, we want to give you the peace of mind you truly deserve. While we believe requiring an ASE certification will give you some of that peace of mind, we also have a huge team of customer service representatives that will be more than willing to take any worries or stress away. If you have any questions or concerns about our mobile mechanics or our auto repair and maintenance services, feel free to email us at, or contact us by phone at 844-997-3624. Our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to chat about an upcoming appointment with you!

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