The auto repair industry has been around for a very long time. While we might not think about the history in our everyday lives, it is important to take a step back and see how far we have come as an industry. Through years and years of fixing and improving cars, we have developed a lots of important technology that has lead us to what we have today: Mobile Mechanics! Here's a break down of how the industry has changed over the years.


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The Beginnings

In the late 1800's the first group of cars were invented in Europe. It had taken the inventors a while to come up with a model that would work, but eventually they began selling these cars to the upper-class. When these cars would break, it often became hard for car owners to find a mechanic to fix them because they were so new. However, some drivers took it upon themselves to learn how to maintain and fix the cars which increased their pay. Eventually more and more drivers began learning the in's and out's of the cars they were driving and this created the first set of mechanics.

Ford Vehicles

When Henry Ford began creating vehicles in American, they weren't as complex as the one's in Europe. However, these cars were easier to produce and cheaper to buy. This lead to car ownership slowly becoming a more common thing. With more and more cars out on the market, the need to auto repair mechanics grew very rapidly. Over time, these vehicles developed more intricate parts and systems, making them more complex and harder to repair. In the beginning, auto repair might have been more simple, but with the systems becoming more complex, the need for a specialized professional mechanic kept growing even more. This is how the more traditional auto repair shops came into the industry.

Traditional Auto Repair Shops

In order to get your car repaired, you would have to get it to a shop with professionals and wait for it to be fixed. In earlier times, auto repair services would take much longer than they do now. But as mechanics kept fixing cars, they found ways to be more efficient and now you can get your car repaired a lot faster. Even today the auto repair industry is growing and expanding. Now you can go to a special mechanic for your Ford and your friend might go to a different mechanic for their Honda. People might try to still fix their own cars in their home garage, but since cars have become so complex, it's not recommended. You are better off finding a trusted repair shop and leaving it to the professionals.

Mobile Mechanics

Finally, the latest, and our favorite big advancement in the auto repair industry is the invention of mobile mechanics! Mobile mechanics are just like traditional mechanics, except they bring the shop to you. These mechanics can specialize in different things, for example, at Wrench we have mechanics that work on customer cars as well as fleet oriented services. At this point in the auto repair industry, we have gone past the point of repairing cars and we are now finding more and more ways to make auto repair services more accessible and efficient.
If you would like to book an appointment with a mobile mechanic and see how they can improve your auto repair experience firsthand, download the Wrench app. You will be able to enter in the make and model of your car and select the service you need and we will provide a quote. Then you will choose a date, time, and location for your convenient auto repair service and we will get to your preferred location on-time and prepared. Once you try our mobile mechanic services, you won't want to get your car repaired by anyone else! Book your appointment with Wrench today!


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